Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My first blog entry

My passion ebbs and flows between a few hobbies. My current obsession is writing. In an effort to become a better writer I am reading "poemcrazy" by Susan Wooldridge and simultaneously Natalie Goldberg's "Writing Down the Bones". They are both extremely interesting, informative and helpful. Hopefully they will make enough of an impact for me to wind up a better writer in the end. It is my wish to become proficient enough at the craft before I die to be able to impart to my progeny and theirs a reasonably good sense of our heritage as well as a more complete picture of who I am. As I progress I shall share with you all. I'll be including some of my photos as well - photography has been at the top of my well-loved hobby list for many years.

Recently I have been focusing on writing poetry. As a young adult this came easily to me. When I make time to relax and focus on nothing but the 'being' of the process snatches of the poet in me surface. Time without the distractions of life is a bit hard to come by but I am working on simplifying my life and tomorrow I plan to walk to the creek and spend some time on the bank and in the woods - that should help. I'll keep you posted.

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