Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another more recent project

My husband dismantled an old, discarded dining room table quite some time ago and salvaged parts form it to create this side table. He had requested that I "decorate" it for him. His only specifics were that I use some of his favorite scriptures in the collage.

I rescued an old paperback Bible from the local Goodwill, tea dyed it and spent a day or two making certain it dried as quickly as possible.

Ordered these great dried flowers from a nice lady in New York, (ebay). Used my woodburning tool to burn the edges on certain passages from an old Bible that had larger type-these are the scriptures Wayne requested. Chose to use rub-ons and skeleton leaves to complete the piece.

Decoupaging the collage was time consuming but not very complicated. The uneveness of the tea dyeing process contributed to the look. A few of the flowers changed color under the decoupage medium but none turned out horrid, just slightly different. Wayne and I chose words related to our biblical theme to add to the painted section, decoupaged his chosen scriptures, adhered the skeleton leaves and gave the entire piece a few coats of finish.

Dear hubby is as proud as a peacock when he sits in his recliner to rest and watch his Netflix selections. Top view is the finished product.