Friday, July 11, 2008

Go With What You Know!

At this point the collage placement has come together quite well though it is a tedious process. In order to decoupage the chest you must envision how each piece will fit together and work from the bottom out. An overlap or gap in the wrong place could change the entire look of the piece. Everything is still being held together with low tack tape until I am completely satisfied with the results. This sometimes causes work to come to a standstill.

My method at that point is to "Go with what you know!". That means leave those frustrating little details alone for now and make progress where you can and are certain of what to do next. So, I left the collage work awhile to address the bottom of my chest. It had already occurred to me how I wanted this section to look. I applied one of my faerie/goblins as well as some rub-ons. This is how I signed this particular creation. There is a rub-on nametag that reads, "My name is... Mikel"(Mikel is my given name and I wrote it in my own handwriting.). More rub-ons stating "I artist" (again, my handwriting). Further it reads, "I call this creation...Pieces of Me(a rub-on). Covered the whole mess with Mod Podge and there you have my signature in this heirloom trunk. (I hope my granddaughter appreciates the effort thirty years from now, lol!)