Friday, July 11, 2008

Working Out the Kinks

I have moved my Faerie Chest project back indoors and these photos show the process of placing my collage elements in a way that is visually pleasing.
To begin I chose the personal ephemera that was on my "must include" mental list. The pieces just kind of sorted themselves into categories like; the lid of the chest reflects me as a mother, the front-me & my soulmate/husband, Wayne, the side-me as a friend, the back-me as a realtor, businesswoman and sister. The insert that sits inside the chest shows me as a part of a family unit on the outside and me as a free spirit inside. The interior bottom shows some of my wicked sense of humor and the very bottom of the chest reflects me as an artist. This all just took a bit of feeling my way through and will be easier for you to visualize as I get a bit further along in the construction of things. I found rub-ons that helped to implement my blossoming theme as you shall see.