Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A year ago

I never took the time to post any of these photos and I just ran across them again. Last year I wrote a fairy tale for my husband for his birthday. I began with an 8x8 craft paper album, painted it using green, gold and purple. On top of that I pieced together a mosaic from a children's book about fairies that had a gnome or two and other fae creatures. I then applied skeleton leaves for visual interest. To top things off I cut out pictures of a fairy knight and his noble steed as well as a fairy princess. I entitled my book "While Faeries Watch" and the entire thing was decoupaged repeatedly and I added some sparkle and a final coat of acrylic spray to seal everything.
The first photo is my title page using ribbons and beads and bling.
For now that will have to do I am not able to locate the rest of the photos currently...sorry.
BUT the book was a hit and everyone really enjoyed it, especially my husband!