Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Is Officially Over! My last late post!

CIMG6511 My sister Loni is always a big spender but especially so at Christmas time. We always ask that she refrain from making these big expenditures on our behalf since we simply cannot reciprocate-we have too many gifts to give so we must keep costs down. She does not listen. Truth be told Wayne and I are so very truly blessed; there is nothing in this world we NEED. God has provided all that and so very much more! This point gets right past my dear sister-she WILL shop, it's her thing. I typically go with her to help make choices for her family gifts and this year was no exception. She was determined that while out I was going to pick out my own gift from her. Well, that is easy if you have a need. I did/do not, so making that sort of choice is nigh on to impossible. BUT, I happened upon these shoes while shopping for the teens in the family and it was love at first sight! I have never heard of Ed Hardy and a lot of his art did not overly impress me but these shoes just did me in! They are so NOT my style, well kinda, my style tends to lean toward the eccentric and anything pink, so maybe I'm not as far off base here as I would like to be. But I fell in love with these shoes! They are mine now and I have no earthly idea what occasion I will have to sport these babies  but one is bound to come up at some point, dontcha think?  I could not end the year without mention of these beauties!

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