Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Journal Entries-Final

CIMG6416 CIMG6418 CIMG6419 CIMG6420 CIMG6421 CIMG6423

CIMG6427  CIMG6428

The pages I have posted on this blog are just a representation of some of the pages I have entered in my journal. Many of the pages in my journal are simply handwritten entries with no adornment. Some are very elaborate but too personal to post publicly. I incorporate photos and just about any other thing that strikes my fancy. As you can see in the final photo here, the page is made up of labels from my shipment of Claudine Hellmuth Studio doesn't take much to get me excited!

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  1. First up: Is your birthday in Nov? Mine is too. Hello fellow Scorpio ;)
    I love these pages. The really arty ones but also the more wordy ones. Happy New Year. I finished my journal too but have to take pictures later.