Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Your Thing-A-Ma-Bob Here

Just thought I would share with all you dear folks in Blog Land my latest brain storm. Some may consider this to be just a light Spring drizzle, but don't tell me. I am easily pleased and this little idea thrilled me when it occurred.

While visiting one of my sisters recently she was planning to throw a few things out that she had tired of shuffling around her house. I treat a visit to this particular sis as a shopping trip to the local Goodwill, minus the dust, smell & cost. Well, to be honest sometimes there is dust, sorry Loni. But the fact is just because she has decided to part with something in no way speaks to the value of said item(s).

Case in point:

CIMG6690 This little gem was destined for the garbage bin when I arrived. I could not allow that to occur. When I rescued this sweet, pink photo holder thingy it was still in the original box with its ribbons and tags intact as well as wrapped in a cellophane like envelope. Brand new I tell you and free! I just knew it had possibility.

So I thunk & I thunk and then the illumination finally made it over the horizon. This unassuming photo holder has now morphed into my very own handy dandy Portable Anytime Anywhere Enlightener/Reminder/Encourager Thing-A-Ma-Bob.

An explanation is in order here, I think. I take my journal everywhere with me and because of the bulk of it I have a carrier especially for this purpose. It stays in my car while I am out, ready for some impromptu journaling when I can squeeze it in. (See my next post-you're gonna love this! Keep in mind however the 'easily pleased' clause that applies to me.) I also have set a goal for myself this year for which I sometimes need a reminder or two or three. Some of the most helpful reminders available to me are entries in my journal.

Now we're getting somewhere:

CIMG6680  So I began by photographing some of my journal entries - just the ones that applied directly to the goals I am currently striving toward. I sent them to the Local WalMart photo lab for processing. I also included on the same side of my thingy my Anyway poem (see previous blog entry), my current contract with myself which clarifies why my goal is important, my Vision Board, my journal entry pertaining to my word for the year, a couple of encouraging images from the internet & my Daily Commandments.

CIMG6683 CIMG6684 CIMG6685

CIMG6686 I can carry this everywhere I go and always have my reminders at the ready when I am feeling weak or needy or just want a pick-me-up, (one that doesn't involve the word 'cappuccino').

CIMG6681 On the flip side I have photographic evidence of many of the reasons my goals matter, my life is worthwhile, and I am grateful to God.

CIMG6687CIMG6689 CIMG6688 

My most recent Karley photos, (being a Grammy is the best!), my dear husband Wayne & my precious daughter Jessie w/her hubby and my favorite son-in-law, William.

Now can you imagine anyone wanting to throw such a magnificent gadget into the trash? Not as long as I'm around and have an empty WalMart bag to carry it away in! Need some on the go inspiration? Go get you one! Fill it up with the encouragement you need to reach your goals. I've seen these things everywhere - I just didn't know I needed one at the time.

OOH, OOH more ideas - I can also see me including in this handy thingy a 4x6 of the current months calendar, my work schedule - maybe on the calendar, duh!, blank 4x6 index cards to write on for any reason that may present itself, OR I could journal on the index cards while on a lunch break and either include the cards in my bound journal later or store them separately in a file box, the cards could also be used as my daily food journal and stored in a file box later. Oh just take it and run with it...this was fun and useful. Maybe it will work for you too.

Until next time...Love.


  1. What a great use for this Jinxie. You can carry it anywhere. When I started a new job my brother made a little box full of good stuff like this. He filled it with chocolate, pictures of our mother, a picture of my husband - grandkids. He wrote "First Aid Kit" on the front. He is a special brother needless to say, and there is no way I can be blue when I open this little box up and look at all I have to be grateful for. Same with your little thing-a-ma-bob. Cheers, Jeanne in Oregon

  2. sounds like you need a couple more of these thing a ma bobs!!! You have some very creative ideas.