Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been tagged...

Amy Long "tagged" me on Facebook but I am having terrible issues trying to get Facebook to cooperate recently. So in the spirit of keeping this going I gave up on Facebook and decided to respond here to Amy's tagging...

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. (Part of the original instructions have been removed because they so not apply here in Blog Land.)

Here goes:

25 Random Things About Mikel Ann Goforth: (there's a good chance this could get real boring before I am through!) Read on oh faithful pilgrim, read on...

1. I LOVE people. Any people, weird people, fancy people, rich people, poor people, backward and country people, it matters not. In my heart I believe we are all very much alike and all need love. I almost never get through a store or outing without striking up a conversation with some soul just because...they might just need me and I might just need them.

2. Pink is my favorite color. Not hot, flamingo pink, (though that's a fun one, too), but baby girl, soft and beautiful pink. Something about this color reaches deep inside me.

3. My daughter and granddaughter have my heart in their hands. I love these girls beyond measure and beyond any measure of reason. They are my gifts directly from God.

4. My favorite beverage is tea. Hot Irish Breakfast tea in the morning with Splenda & cream, sipped from a fine china cup w/saucer. Iced tea any other time of day. In a tall glass, (no plastic, thank you), with lemon and Splenda.

5. I am a bibliophile. I have books everywhere. I read constantly. Nearly any topic, a lot of self-help, (I need all the help I can get!), fiction and anything in between.

6. I despise, (because my mother said we should never use the word 'hate'), television. It is beyond me to sit in front of a box and have someone, anyone instruct me on how or what I should think or even think about. Even when Hubby coerces me to watch a movie with him-I bring my current project or book into the room and work/read it while he pretends we are watching television together.

7. Art journaling is my new drug. It gives me a vent and fulfills a need to express myself that no other medium has come close to reaching.

8. I want to learn to draw. This is a lifelong quest. Until recently I believed it was an impossibility. My mind has been changed but I still lack the nerve to share my art with others-but I'm getting there-be on the look out, it's just a matter of time.

9. My weight has been a lifelong struggle that continues to this very day. A struggle that will end this year. I have a plan and am taking action to see it to fruition. This year I will reach and begin to maintain my healthy goal weight. Just wait and see.

10. I have a passion for words and their etymologies. You would be surprised at how our language has evolved and continues to evolve daily. Many of the words we use today hardly have the same meaning they did just a few years back. It intrigues me.

11. I enjoy photography but refuse to learn Photoshopping or any such program. I want it raw just as I saw it. Cropping is fine but altering just isn't for me. Call me a purist.

12. Nature always makes me happy. The beauty is everywhere-just look.

13. I have been blessed to be a missionary, in country, to the people of Rose Hall, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana in South America, twice. It was a life altering experience and I plan to go back. Soon.

14. I never wear polish on my fingernails. I normally keep them trimmed short to keep them out of my way but I love having pedicures and leaving with hot pink, (remember the aforementioned flamingo color?) toenails. All is right with the world when the toenails are polished.

15. I am of German and Native American Indian descent and my bone structure makes this quite evident. There is no chance that I will ever resemble Twiggy or Barbie. It literally is not in my genes.

16. I have never colored my hair. This does not appeal to me.

17. I have a green thumb. I can grow nearly anything I set my mind to.

18. Organization thrills me though I never seem to quite get "there".

19. The telephone is a nightmare for me. For one, I 'talk' with my hands-try getting your point across over the phone, (or just holding on to the phone, for that matter), when you know they can't possibly understand you without seeing you. Secondly, I am a very visual person and not being able to see the face of the person with whom I am speaking, in effect, limits my ability to comprehend their meaning fully. Horror!

20. I enjoy planning and organizing and preparing to do projects more than the actual doing of it. I am process oriented, not so much outcome oriented.

21. My husband and I are both quite quirky and quaint. (And yes, these words have actually been used to describe us along with weird a time or three.) We don't mind. We like ourselves and our simple little life just fine. It's O.K. if you don't 'get' us - just love us!

22. Politics is beyond me. I am certain that our system made sense at one time but I fear we have strayed completely off course.

23. I dislike, (see Mother's admonition in #6 above), rainy, cold & overcast days. My soul needs sunshine-regularly. Winter is an awful time for me emotionally. I can conquer the world during the Spring and Summer months, though!

24. I spend too much time on the computer.  No, really...

25. I know God is in control and all things happen for a reason. It matters not that I usually cannot readily see the reasoning. God does and he is handling it.

Thank you Amy for a way to distract myself from housework for a time today and if anyone actually reads this, have a bit of mercy on me. Saying this was a struggle is an understatement - but it is what it is. Thanks for your support, lol! Until next time...Love.

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  1. Jinxie,

    I love your sounds just like your wonderful delightful self!! We are so lucky to have you in our world.