Thursday, January 1, 2009

In Closing...

2008 was a wonderful year. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing love with those who came into my life during this past 365 and one-fourth days. Some accepted that love and some rejected it but in all cases I learned and grew and feel as though I treated all with due respect.

Soul Journaling turned a page for me and struck a chord that continues to resound. Journaling has replaced most previous hobbies for me and elicits passion and joy deep within my person. I am thankful to have been exposed to the concept.CIMG5710 CIMG5707CIMG5712 I've had a number of people question me concerning my art journal, so I will now describe some of my entries by way of explanation. I purchased a journal with a leather cover depicting Raphael's La Primavera. I punched a hole through the entire book to insert a beaded chain for privacy sake. I then named my journal, "Embracing Imperfection". Next I claimed my journal using stamps, my own handwriting, gesso and colored pencils.

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