Friday, January 30, 2009

My Latest Find...

Good Morning! Today I am up early making pies that have been promised to a dear lady we attend worship with. Today is her birthday and she and my hubby both are diabetic so I volunteered to happy them up by making them each one of my soon-to-be-famous diabetic pies. They're not too shabby, if I may say so myself. Sugar-free foods have come a long way in the past twenty years.

While I'm up I figured it would be a great time to share with you my new find...My much loved, (yes, already!), Art Journal Bag. Drum roll please...

CIMG6692 Taa Daa!!! Front view.

CIMG6698 And equally delightful rear view.

I found this little beauty made by ArtBin at our local art supply house. It was on sale AND I had a coupon. I practically stole it from them. Since I am always a sucker for organizational finds, this one really just took the cake! It was love at first sight. Being the diva I frequently am I ran this thing up to my local embroidery shop and took up way too much of the dear shop owner's time trying to decide how to personalize it. What you see here is the end result. I chose a cutesy/artsy 'G', (the initial of my surname) and she convinced me to add something to the back. I requested dandelions and she came up what you see in photo numero dos. There is some black stitching that doesn't show up too well but overall I am pleased with the end result. I just love this little bag. And it does so much more. Look:

CIMG6699 It came with the two plastic containers you see pictured here.

CIMG6701  CIMG6702 CIMG6703 The smaller of the two fits neatly into the front compartment of the bag. I have my pens, pencil, glue stick, markers, water brush, etc. tucked neatly inside. But wait, that's not all...

CIMG6708 There is a zippered compartment in the back side of the bag where I have things like my Colour shapers, scissors, dry adhesive, scraper, eraser, etc. stashed - with room for lots more. And there is more...

CIMG6706 CIMG6705 My journal fits perfectly in the larger container that came with this bag. Now there is no worry about it being banged about in my purse and there is room for growth when my journal swells from all the schtuff I typically cram it with. And I made an addition of my own...

CIMG6709 There is also a small slit pocket on the back of the bag and being the organizational guru I am - it looked lonely. I got it a friend.

CIMG6710 This gadget was originally intended to house photos.

CIMG6711 CIMG6712 Instead of photos I stuck a number of alphabet stencils in it and left room for things like magazine images or a photo or two or maybe even some ephemera I might just happen upon.  (You just never know - we have to be prepared for these sort of occurrences!)

CIMG6713 And this slips neatly into aforementioned little slit pocket.

CIMG6715 Top view. What a terrific find! These come in lots of different sizes, (I purchased the smallest version), and were on sale online, (by half!), at JoAnn' when I last looked. Now I feel as though I can take my art journaling anywhere, anytime. I'm big on that ya' know?!

Also, depending on what I am currently working on I can always remove a few markers and make room for my watercolor pencils or water-soluble oil pastels or just whatever suits my fancy at the time. Note: I typically do my backgrounds and add images, (mostly), while at home. This is why it works for me to carry mostly just writing/drawing tools with me - the other is done ahead of time. Using this setup I have even worked on my journal while out shopping or yard sale-ing, (never fear - I had hubby doing the driving!). Go ahead - take your journaling on the road - I told you you were gonna love this! (For those of you who are less enthused, please note, I did warn you of how it is the simple things that really bring me pleasure.)



  1. What an excellent find! Keep us updated on how it works for you.

  2. Jinxie

    After seeing your posts on Soul Journal I had to some visit your blog. Love it. I'm one too who finds the simple things give me much pleasure.

    Added you to my favs so I can visit regularly.

    Bright blessings,