Friday, January 23, 2009

Sharing the Karley Love

Yesterday after running a few errands I decided to drive to the home of my daughter & son-in-law. They have been going through some big and exciting changes recently as well as making big plans for the future. Therefore hubby & I, haven't seen as much of them as we would like lately. I simply cannot go for very long without my Karley Anne fix! This child has a smile that absolutely lights up a room!!! Yes, without doubt I am as proud as a Grammy can get! Just thought I would share my beautiful little chickie...

CIMG6615 CIMG6611

CIMG6620 CIMG6626 CIMG6624

CIMG6632  CIMG6631 Karley is now walking very well and in constant motion, chattering happily all the while. Good, clear, posed photos are a thing of the past. But she is the most adorable, happy and loving child ever! She has our hearts wrapped tightly around her little fingers and chances are that will only worsen with time. Oh how we love this child! Isn't she beautiful?!

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