Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photos for Franny

Not much by way of an introduction here. The lady this is posted for will know what it is all about. The rest of you can just wonder. *smile*

CIMG6777 CIMG6776 CIMG6775

Franny, this plain old binder is about 9 x 5.5 inches, (outside dimensions). It was a cast-off that someone else could not find any use for.  This journal has no completed pages yet. I will also decorate the exterior at some point. I have another similar journal of the same size but it is currently traveling about in a Round Robin so I can't give you photos, sorry.

CIMG6778 CIMG6779

Here you can see the variety of sizes and shapes my pages wind up in. A lot is determined by the size and shape of the original packaging. I use anything and everything from cereal boxes to macaroni & cheese boxes to ends and pieces of some boxes. I don't mind the odd sizes and shapes, (as a matter of fact it really appeals to me), so uniformity is not an issue. You may feel differently. Some 'pages' I cut freehand and others I use a stencil on the edges. Once I have them cut to shape I apply a thin coat of gesso. My reason for the gesso is that many of the boxes have a slick coating on the outside and this allows my paints and such to stick without a problem. This step is a personal preference and not absolutely necessary. You could probably give the shiny side a good sanding to make sure the paint adheres. It is up to you-it's your journal! Once the gesso is dry I apply anything I would like, usually beginning with a coat or wash of acrylic paint, and voila', instant and interesting journal pages! Practically free too!

CIMG6780 CIMG6781 CIMG6782 CIMG6783

Just to give you an idea - this is a page made from a microwave popcorn box that I did not cut apart completely. I simply folded it up and cut out the shape of a castle, unfolded the bottom third and cut it to imitate a draw bridge, (Sorry about the wonky fourth photo). I could journal on the interior and when the finished page is folded shut and inserted into the binder my journaling would remain private. Just put your imagination to work and the world is your oyster.

I hope this helps!



  1. Hi Jinxie
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your new studio storage looks great. thanks for posting the pics of this journal - its something that I may have to try now!

  2. You are amazing! I am overwhelmed that you would actually take pictures just to show me your method. How excited I am now to actually see and read exactly what I need to do. I don't mind either if the pages were all different sizes and shapes! You are such a great friend to do this for me....


  3. this is very inspiring and love the recycling idea. i do use pizza boxes cut up for ATC base.

  4. This is so cool Jinxie. I love it. Did you cut that all out? Did you have a template? Questions, questions, questions??? lol. I love it. I love those gorgeous little puppies too!