Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Studio Improvements

Yesterday my dear husband surprised me twice. Once by showing up early from work and secondly by informing me of his intention to upgrade the closet in my studio. This is a project that I have been requesting for nearly six months now. We did it! I am so thrilled to have shelves instead of the plastic storage drawers I was using.

CIMG6551 Here is a view showing the plastic drawers. BEFORE.

CIMG6762 CIMG6764 And AFTER. New shelving, complete with my junque installed. Keep in mind that it is my responsibility to caulk, putty and paint said closet but not having any warning that we were about to get this little project underway I was unprepared and lacking in material. So, the finishing touches will have to wait a bit but as far as functionality is concerned - I have a wonderful and useful new closet. YES! Being able to see what is available makes it much more likely that I will use all the things I had stored in the drawers. And there was plenty stored there! I am attempting to purge as I go but sometimes it is so hard to just let go of these things I've purchased. Now I need to invoke my word for the year - RELEASE. For the time being I am installing a curtain.  Thank you, Wayne. You sure know how to put a smile on a girls' face. *wink*

Love to ya'll!

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