Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Schtuff for Sale

I have been attempting to scale back my crafting 'things' due to the crowded nature of my studio. When my Grandaddy moved in with us last year I gave up the larger space on his behalf and some of this schtuff has just got to find a home with a bit more space. Luckily for some dear soul I am forced to release a number of great items at terrific prices. If you see something you are interested in just email me at jinxiegoforth@yahoo.com. All these items have been lovingly used and treasured.


This item is the Clip It Up! by Simply Renee'.  All the extra clips, tags/dividers and such are included, many were never used. There is also a cover that was never used. This thing holds a huge amount of stuff! Retail is approximately $100.00. I am requesting $25.00 plus actual shipping.


This is the Tag-A-Long by Ellison. I do not recall what we paid but I am requesting $10.00 plus actual shipping.

 CIMG6890 CIMG6891 

This is the Revolution by Quickutz. It is currently on sale @ our local Hobby Lobby for $99.00. I am asking $40.00 plus actual shipping.

If you have any questions, (or would like to make me an offer, or have something you would like to trade or barter with) - just ask. I have sold numerous items on Ebay with 100% positive feedback. My username is jinxiegoforth. I have simply become disenchanted with all the fees and issues related to Ebay recently.

Say you are short on money right now, and who isn't? I am willing to trade these items for items I can use that have an equivalent value or part cash and part trade. Email me - I bet we can strike up a deal.

Some things I can always use include but are not limited to: Watercolor Paints and Accessories, Journals - Moleskine Large or Pocket w/Lined Paper or Moleskine Large w/Watercolor Paper or Handbound w/Watercolor Paper, Fountain Pens, 140 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper, Handmade Items, Your Unique Art, Unique Actual Ephemera and Olde Stuff in general, etc.

Let me know what you think...