Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Art In A Carton Has Arrived in Alabama!

How cool is that!?! Some time ago I signed up to participate in Susan Letham's art swap project she dubbed Art In A Carton. I was number 48 out of 52 openings. On November 8th I received my package from her. (I apologize for the delay in the posting of it.) Needless to say, because a picture is worth a thousand words!, she sent me some very lovely items. There is a matchbox shrine as well as a beautifully constructed triangular-shaped shrine complete with a buddha figurine, an adorable little star-shaped book and some very pretty fibers. I was most impressed with the star-shaped book but there is no doubt about the huge amount of time and effort that went into the construction of all the delightful items I received. Thank you, Susan!!!
Added this photo for the viewing pleasure of the ladies who shall be receiving cartons from me...They are finished and full and will be on their way to you dear souls very soon! I am not posting the things I've made, yet, for what fun would that be to take the surprise out of it for you?! I hope the things included bring you joy!

Thank you Susan for the opportunity to participate in this swap. It has been a complete pleasure! And again I apologize for my delayed blogging...I make time for art but my blogging suffers terribly, lol. Hopefully, the creations you receive from me will make up for my lack in the blogging department.