Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Schtuff for Sale

I have been attempting to scale back my crafting 'things' due to the crowded nature of my studio. When my Grandaddy moved in with us last year I gave up the larger space on his behalf and some of this schtuff has just got to find a home with a bit more space. Luckily for some dear soul I am forced to release a number of great items at terrific prices. If you see something you are interested in just email me at jinxiegoforth@yahoo.com. All these items have been lovingly used and treasured.


This item is the Clip It Up! by Simply Renee'.  All the extra clips, tags/dividers and such are included, many were never used. There is also a cover that was never used. This thing holds a huge amount of stuff! Retail is approximately $100.00. I am requesting $25.00 plus actual shipping.


This is the Tag-A-Long by Ellison. I do not recall what we paid but I am requesting $10.00 plus actual shipping.

 CIMG6890 CIMG6891 

This is the Revolution by Quickutz. It is currently on sale @ our local Hobby Lobby for $99.00. I am asking $40.00 plus actual shipping.

If you have any questions, (or would like to make me an offer, or have something you would like to trade or barter with) - just ask. I have sold numerous items on Ebay with 100% positive feedback. My username is jinxiegoforth. I have simply become disenchanted with all the fees and issues related to Ebay recently.

Say you are short on money right now, and who isn't? I am willing to trade these items for items I can use that have an equivalent value or part cash and part trade. Email me - I bet we can strike up a deal.

Some things I can always use include but are not limited to: Watercolor Paints and Accessories, Journals - Moleskine Large or Pocket w/Lined Paper or Moleskine Large w/Watercolor Paper or Handbound w/Watercolor Paper, Fountain Pens, 140 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper, Handmade Items, Your Unique Art, Unique Actual Ephemera and Olde Stuff in general, etc.

Let me know what you think...

Seven Months Ago...


This is one of the major reasons for my obvious lack in the blogging department...I returned to the work force in February of this year and it took quite some time for Wayne and I to adjust. Of course there has been many other things taking place during that time that have demanded my attention but this one has been a "biggie".  Considering the fact that this job should be quite simple, and it technically is, personalities and corporate decisions seem to keep this little place in turmoil. Truly, I enjoy this job but remain confused by how some manage to complicate matters seemingly without cause.

All nonsense aside, I am practically in heaven being surrounded by books all day long and people who appreciate them too. Certainly all employees do not share my passion but some do and many customers are just great. For the most part, when there is not some silliness going on internally, I really enjoy the interaction and atmosphere.

For now I am 'giving it a go' having to cut my hours to a minimum due to the illness of a beloved family member. BUT I thought some of you who make an effort to keep track of my whereabouts might be interested to know where all my free time has gone.

Until next time...