Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching Up...


 CIMG7392CIMG7655CIMG7843CIMG7844 CIMG7845CIMG7846 CIMG8175 CIMG8379  

In one of the Yahoo! groups that I am a member of some of us are participating in a monthly journal swap with a partner. Above you can see some of the entries I have shared in both of our journals. The group is Blissfully Art Journaling and my partners' name is Stacy. This has got to be one of the most delightful groups of people I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with and Stacy is absolutely the best journal partner ever!!! Circumstances have kept me from joining in the discussions on the board recently, but I faithfully read every post and learn so much from the precious souls who are there. It is a caring community of like-minded individuals, (where art journals are concerned at least), who make a concerted effort to lift one another up. I like that. The photos below are from a tip-in swap also done monthly on the same group. I have ceased to participate for the time being due to overwhelming family obligations but plan to get right back at it as soon as possible. The art I have received from others has been fantastic. Out of respect for their privacy I will not share their creations here. You'll have to be satisfied with the schtuff I've come up with, lol.

 CIMG6920CIMG7439 CIMG7441  CIMG7722 

I hope you have enjoyed perusing my blog. It has been my pleasure to share with you a while.

Love to all...

My Unexpected & Most Welcome Visitors

CIMG8396CIMG8399 CIMG8408

Bright and early yesterday morning I was sitting in my studio, checking my email, when a movement to my right made me stop and pay attention. I was absolutely thrilled to realize that I had visitors. Three beautiful deer were contentedly munching grass in our side yard. Thankfully I had my camera close by and got a few photos. I just had to share them. These gorgeous creatures touch my heart with their graceful and elegant movements. I felt so blessed to witness their interaction for just a little while. After a long few moments something spooked the trio and I thought it was me until I realized our 'yard dog', Willa had been sleeping right beneath my window and had just taken notice of the deer. The photos below make clear what became of my nature viewing at that point.

 CIMG8409 CIMG8410

It was a most serene moment while it lasted. By the way, Willa is quite harmless, she simply finds pleasure in making a fuss about strangers of any sort. Obviously she did not make much of an impression on my new found friends because two of them showed up again this afternoon. This pair is a momma doe with her fawn. She is quite large for a female and the most amazing thing to watch. I am planning to get them some feed to put out to help them along. We can make sure they are not shot at while here with us but there are no guarantees once they leave our property so I plan to try to keep them close.

CIMG8417 CIMG8420

Just gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Sending love to y'all.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Schtuff for Sale

I have been attempting to scale back my crafting 'things' due to the crowded nature of my studio. When my Grandaddy moved in with us last year I gave up the larger space on his behalf and some of this schtuff has just got to find a home with a bit more space. Luckily for some dear soul I am forced to release a number of great items at terrific prices. If you see something you are interested in just email me at jinxiegoforth@yahoo.com. All these items have been lovingly used and treasured.


This item is the Clip It Up! by Simply Renee'.  All the extra clips, tags/dividers and such are included, many were never used. There is also a cover that was never used. This thing holds a huge amount of stuff! Retail is approximately $100.00. I am requesting $25.00 plus actual shipping.


This is the Tag-A-Long by Ellison. I do not recall what we paid but I am requesting $10.00 plus actual shipping.

 CIMG6890 CIMG6891 

This is the Revolution by Quickutz. It is currently on sale @ our local Hobby Lobby for $99.00. I am asking $40.00 plus actual shipping.

If you have any questions, (or would like to make me an offer, or have something you would like to trade or barter with) - just ask. I have sold numerous items on Ebay with 100% positive feedback. My username is jinxiegoforth. I have simply become disenchanted with all the fees and issues related to Ebay recently.

Say you are short on money right now, and who isn't? I am willing to trade these items for items I can use that have an equivalent value or part cash and part trade. Email me - I bet we can strike up a deal.

Some things I can always use include but are not limited to: Watercolor Paints and Accessories, Journals - Moleskine Large or Pocket w/Lined Paper or Moleskine Large w/Watercolor Paper or Handbound w/Watercolor Paper, Fountain Pens, 140 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper, Handmade Items, Your Unique Art, Unique Actual Ephemera and Olde Stuff in general, etc.

Let me know what you think...

Seven Months Ago...


This is one of the major reasons for my obvious lack in the blogging department...I returned to the work force in February of this year and it took quite some time for Wayne and I to adjust. Of course there has been many other things taking place during that time that have demanded my attention but this one has been a "biggie".  Considering the fact that this job should be quite simple, and it technically is, personalities and corporate decisions seem to keep this little place in turmoil. Truly, I enjoy this job but remain confused by how some manage to complicate matters seemingly without cause.

All nonsense aside, I am practically in heaven being surrounded by books all day long and people who appreciate them too. Certainly all employees do not share my passion but some do and many customers are just great. For the most part, when there is not some silliness going on internally, I really enjoy the interaction and atmosphere.

For now I am 'giving it a go' having to cut my hours to a minimum due to the illness of a beloved family member. BUT I thought some of you who make an effort to keep track of my whereabouts might be interested to know where all my free time has gone.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Family Members

A few weeks ago we were delighted to receive into the Goforth fold six new family members. Just wanted to share a photo of the cuties before they find new homes.


Isn't this just too adorable?!

CIMG6725 CIMG6727

My favorite

.CIMG6729 CIMG6731

On the left is Wayne's pick. The little guy on the right looks like his daddy...


Hail, hail the gang's all here! We've enjoyed these sweeties but will be glad to see them off to happy homes very soon. (Especially before the chewing stage begins, lol!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photos for Franny

Not much by way of an introduction here. The lady this is posted for will know what it is all about. The rest of you can just wonder. *smile*

CIMG6777 CIMG6776 CIMG6775

Franny, this plain old binder is about 9 x 5.5 inches, (outside dimensions). It was a cast-off that someone else could not find any use for.  This journal has no completed pages yet. I will also decorate the exterior at some point. I have another similar journal of the same size but it is currently traveling about in a Round Robin so I can't give you photos, sorry.

CIMG6778 CIMG6779

Here you can see the variety of sizes and shapes my pages wind up in. A lot is determined by the size and shape of the original packaging. I use anything and everything from cereal boxes to macaroni & cheese boxes to ends and pieces of some boxes. I don't mind the odd sizes and shapes, (as a matter of fact it really appeals to me), so uniformity is not an issue. You may feel differently. Some 'pages' I cut freehand and others I use a stencil on the edges. Once I have them cut to shape I apply a thin coat of gesso. My reason for the gesso is that many of the boxes have a slick coating on the outside and this allows my paints and such to stick without a problem. This step is a personal preference and not absolutely necessary. You could probably give the shiny side a good sanding to make sure the paint adheres. It is up to you-it's your journal! Once the gesso is dry I apply anything I would like, usually beginning with a coat or wash of acrylic paint, and voila', instant and interesting journal pages! Practically free too!

CIMG6780 CIMG6781 CIMG6782 CIMG6783

Just to give you an idea - this is a page made from a microwave popcorn box that I did not cut apart completely. I simply folded it up and cut out the shape of a castle, unfolded the bottom third and cut it to imitate a draw bridge, (Sorry about the wonky fourth photo). I could journal on the interior and when the finished page is folded shut and inserted into the binder my journaling would remain private. Just put your imagination to work and the world is your oyster.

I hope this helps!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Clean Studio...for now.

I had to remove practically everything from my studio yesterday since my hubby decided to work on my storage closet. I thought it might be a good time to straighten up while I replaced things today. The end result was much more conducive to productivity.

CIMG6757 This is my desk. Please note the fact that there is a flat surface here. Normally you would be hard pressed to prove it due to the mountains of schtuff I manage to pull out while working on any project.

CIMG6758 The view from the doorway. Imagine that, there is a floor. I can actually get to my chair without having to hop over anything. This borders on amazing.

CIMG6760 The view from the other direction. My bookcase which holds all my recent and current reads as well as products I regularly use and my dear little muse Blossom, bless her heart.

CIMG6772 CIMG6774 My precious little muse. Isn't she just adorable? Miss Blossom and I have been together for more than a decade. She is quite a dear, my constant companion while I create and dream up more ways of spending my hubby's paycheck. Never criticizing, always encouraging, giving me much inspiration along the way and a most agreeable co-conspirator, when a conspiracy is what is called for.  I just adore her!

CIMG6762 Yes, I know you've already seen my wonderful, new, refurbished closet but I thought someone might be interested to know about the huge thingy on this wall. This is not actually one big thingy but lots of little thingies all connected and attached to the wall with screws. Each little compartment is a tilt-out drawer in which I store embellishments of all sorts. I find that if I can't see it, I won't use it. (Out of sight, out of mind, you know!) So I ran across this set a number of years ago, on QVC I believe, and it was the answer to my problem. These little drawers can be stuck together in any configuration you might choose. I've found no better storage for embellishments!

I certainly hope you've enjoyed the short tour of my studio and meeting the most delightful Miss Blossom. Stay tuned for a more in depth tour of my bookshelf and a meet & greet with our newest members of the family...until then...


Studio Improvements

Yesterday my dear husband surprised me twice. Once by showing up early from work and secondly by informing me of his intention to upgrade the closet in my studio. This is a project that I have been requesting for nearly six months now. We did it! I am so thrilled to have shelves instead of the plastic storage drawers I was using.

CIMG6551 Here is a view showing the plastic drawers. BEFORE.

CIMG6762 CIMG6764 And AFTER. New shelving, complete with my junque installed. Keep in mind that it is my responsibility to caulk, putty and paint said closet but not having any warning that we were about to get this little project underway I was unprepared and lacking in material. So, the finishing touches will have to wait a bit but as far as functionality is concerned - I have a wonderful and useful new closet. YES! Being able to see what is available makes it much more likely that I will use all the things I had stored in the drawers. And there was plenty stored there! I am attempting to purge as I go but sometimes it is so hard to just let go of these things I've purchased. Now I need to invoke my word for the year - RELEASE. For the time being I am installing a curtain.  Thank you, Wayne. You sure know how to put a smile on a girls' face. *wink*

Love to ya'll!