Sunday, December 7, 2008

Art In A Carton Has Flown From Alabama

I recently mailed three Art In A Carton boxes to Susan Letham in Germany, Jill Sullivan in England and Shakti Genaine in Spain.  It is my sincere hope that the contents of these cartons bring much joy to the recipients! A bit of explanation is in order so that the recipients have some understanding of the contents of their packages. I enjoy using "things" in my art that have a history or some innate meaning to me. This will seem quite confusing for all until the contents of the cartons can be completely revealed but I will try to make sense as much as is possible.

I am a native of Biloxi, MS. The devastation of hurricane Katrina was a sight to behold, heart wrenching. The casinos that once lined the beaches there were literally obliterated-nothing left. Tokens washed up on the sand days later. For me they were a sign of hope. If these tiny tokens were able to survive the storm, albeit slightly damaged, it seemed to me that the area might find a way to overcome this destruction and once again flourish.

My grandma died when I was but eight years old. We grew up next door to her and my granddaddy. My mother was very young, divorced with three small children and trying to find her own way in this world.  The love my grandma showered on me was the only love I recall from that time in my life. She was my world. There was a bond between us that is inexplicable. She was very ill in the last few years of her life. My granddaddy remarried quickly after her death. Most of my grandma's things were disposed of  then. I, of course, was too young to make a request for something to remember her by. Recently, I was made aware of a large amount of her silverware, given to her as a wedding gift,  that had been stored in a barn for many years. I asked for it and was granted my wish. 

I am a bibliophile and  an art journaler.  I collect ladybugs. Keys are one of my personal icons, old, rusty keys with many hidden secrets.

Hopefully, this all isn't too very "Sherlock Holmes" for you guys. Just trust that it should make sense once your cartons arrive. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed sharing.