Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Current Art Travel Kit

DSC00376 DSC00377 This is the box closed and the mat is for scale.

DSC00378 DSC00387 At left is the box opened as is. At right is said box with cutting mat, waxed paper & bag containing sandpaper, napkin & scraper removed.

DSC00389 DSC00388 Up close of the two sides.

The container is a Vaultz pencil box, approx. 8.25 x 5 x 2.75 inches. It even has a tiny key!

Contents are:

* UHU glue stick-small

* Fiskars fingertip exacto knife

* Small Making Memories cutting mat

* Winsor & Newton Watercolor Bijoux box

* Kuretake wide waterbrush

* Small travel container of Golden's Matte Medium

* Colour Shaper-one end is a brush the other a Colour Shaper tool

* Logan Graphic 4-in-1 Embossing Stylus

* Kuretake small waterbrush filled with black India ink

* 2 Retractable Sharpie markers-fine & ultra fine

* 1 Silver Sharpie marker

* 1 Signo Uniball pen - white

* 1 Galaxy Marker - white

* 1 .5 Mechanical pencil w/extra leads

* 1 Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

* 1 General's Woodless Graphite pencil

* 1 General's Sketch & Wash

* 1 General's Charcoal pencil 4B

* 1 General's Charcoal pencil - white

* 1 Blending stump

* 1 Kneaded eraser

* 1 Erasing shield

* A small piece of sandpaper, waxed paper & a napkin

With a bit of room to spare for ephemera I might pick up along the path...believe it or not, lol.

DSC00381 DSC00383 The Bijoux box is perfect because of its small size. There is a travel brush in the tin also which is handy. The right photo shows the embossing stylus. It unscrews at the center blue thingy where two more tips are stored. Handy for embossing, debossing, scratching & manipulating/distressing paper. This particular Colour Shaper is sold for use with masking fluid but can be utilized in a number of different ways.

DSC00384 DSC00385 This is called the Perfect Pencil by Faber Castell. The top as you can see on the right comes apart to reveal a sharpener. Having the cap keeps the graphite from getting all over. I have enjoyed this tool.

DSC00386The Fiskars fingertip razor knife along with a cutting mat is better for me because I have severe numbness in my hands frequently and seem to be able to manage to do the intricate work I prefer easier with this tool than with typical scissors. 

 DSC00392  And lastly, everyone needs one of these. This is a nephew. (Overlook the swollen left eye. Not all models come with this flaw. This particular nephew has older brothers and one of them blackened his eye the night before while wrestling.) Our little Jaime graduated from preschool a couple of days ago and is hanging out with his Aunt Mikey until his regular sitter is also out of school for the summer. We had a grand time taking these photos and discussing in depth what all that "junk in that box" is for. I hope this is helpful.

Love to All!